HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet

Principles of consulting

The creation of long-term and sustainable connections requires a clear code of conduct in the relationship with clients and candidates. Dr. Häupl Personalberatung is committed to this.

Commitment towards clients and candidates

HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung feels committed to both the client and the individual candidate. For this reason, candidates are individually supported and advised, and the opportunities and risks of taking on a qualified position are discussed together. This contributes to the certainty of the decision and leads to the development of long-term relationships.

Confidentiality and discretion

HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung commits itself to confidentiality towards clients and candidates. Information is only passed on with the explicit consent of the persons concerned.

Objectivity and Independence

HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung accepts fees only from clients, never from candidates. This ensures objectivity and independence of the consultancy.

Consulting Exclusivity

HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung will only work on the basis of a clearly placed order. In the interest of a systematic, trouble-free and time-saving processing, consulting exclusivity is agreed upon for the project-related search time.

Clear cost regulations

HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung agrees on clear cost regulations. They enable the clients to plan and budget the total costs exactly.

Long-term cooperation

HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung attaches great importance to a long-term partnership with the client companies. This increases the efficiency and the quality of the placements. The high percentage of companies for which we have been working for many years is proof of the successful implementation of this goal. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet