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HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung has been successfully supporting companies and institutions in the search and selection of executives and specialists for many years. Among our clients are private, public and religious companies.

They all share the same high standards of quality and reliability in their consulting firm.

Consulting with high standards
of quality and seriousness

  • Many years of know-how in placing candidates in management and specialist positions,
  • a good image, which gives Dr. Häupl Personalberatung access to highly qualified applicants,
  • tailor-made recruitment channels that correspond to the position to be filled and the goals to be achieved,
  • a high level of attention and awareness that motivates suitable and high-caliber applicants to contact us,
  • qualified consultants with academic education and many years of relevant experience as competent interlocutors for all parties involved.

Important criteria when filling
of qualified positions

Always keep in mind that ...

  • the publicity of a new or subsequent appointment at an inopportune time can cause unrest in your own company and harbor risks
  • special demands must be made on the intensity and persistence of market cultivation in order to fill vacancies as quickly as possible
  • a high level of professionalism must be ensured in the process of selecting candidates, which, in addition to technical competencies, also assesses "soft skills" in particular against the background of the specifics of the particular company
  • the acquisition of desired candidates and personalities of a specific professional segment requires a certain independence and proven competence
  • the process of contractually binding the desired candidate requires professional moderation and special sensitivity.

The consultants of Dr. Häupl Personalberatung will be pleased to inform you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet