HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet


The professional support of our clients in the search and selection of qualified candidates is at the center of all our activities.
The consulting is comprehensive and aims straight at the success of our client. 

Our involvement comes into play in particular where

  • the new or initial filling of a qualified vacancy is seen as an entrepreneurial investment in terms of time, quality and costs,
  • the recruitment of suitable persons on the market is difficult,
  • new business areas are to be developed and specific know-how is to be gained for the company by filling a qualified vacancy,
  • strategic developments in the company are to be supported by personnel,
  • the company needs to avoid the publicity of corporate/shareholder decisions on the market that would be associated with its own tender,
  • an advantage over the competition in the realization of strategic goals can be secured through access and the speed of staffing,
  • the establishment of long-term relationships is expected, which requires a high level of social competence on the part of the consultants, borne out of responsibility towards clients and candidates
  • positions from different management levels and functional areas as well as international positions are to be filled competently from one source.

Absolute discretion, careful and case-by-case selection of methods as well as the targeted processing of the available personnel market segments open up to us the contact to the narrow circle of actually suitable applicants and to the candidates interesting for our clients.

The advisory participation in the personnel search and selection includes the control of the entire process in close coordination with our clients.

We offer three methodically supported service packages with fair conditions, each of which is applied according to the concrete specifics of the vacancy to be filled.

Find qualified personnel in a targeted manner

HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet