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As a consultant, HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung has been successfully supporting companies and institutions throughout Germany in the professional search and selection of executives and specialists for many years. The consulting is holistic and aims straight at the success of our client.

For almost three decades, HPB Dr. Häupl Personalberatung has been successfully assisting companies and institutions in the search and selection of executives and specialists, and operates for this purpose both regionally and throughout Germany and Europe. Our expertise is based on the efficient combination of proven consulting principles, tested know-how and an extensive network of candidates.

Absolute discretion, careful and case-by-case selection of methods as well as the targeted processing of the available personnel market segments open up to us the contact to the narrow circle of actually suitable applicants and to the candidates interesting for you.

The consulting is comprehensive and aims straight at the success of our client.

Our involvement starts in particular where, among other things

  • the new or initial filling of a qualified vacancy is seen as an entrepreneurial investment in terms of time, quality and costs,
  • the recruitment of suitable persons on the market is difficult,
  • strategic developments in the company need to be supported by personnel
  • new business areas are to be developed and specific know-how is to be gained for the company by filling a qualified vacancy,
  • the searching company wants to avoid the publicity of entrepreneurial/shareholder decisions on the market that would be associated with its own advertisement,
  • the speed of filling the vacancy can secure an advantage over the competition in the realization of strategic goals,
  • the establishment of long-term relationships is expected, which requires a high level of social competence on the part of the consultants, supported by responsibility towards clients and candidates,
  • positions from different management levels and functional areas as well as international positions are to be filled competently from one source.

Take some time and approach the topic "Personnel search and selection with the assistance of HPB - DR. HÄUPL PERSONALBERATUNG " by checking whether you can benefit from our services. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us with confidence!

Driven by the joy of working with people and strengthened by the knowledge to bring about sustainable matches, it is always a pleasure to get involved in the processes and to communicate with all parties involved. Ultimately, however, it is the results that count. And here we can rely - based on the continuously acquired and adapted 'craftsmanship' of our employees over many years - on a comprehensive consulting practice and - still and again - also on the determined and fruitful cooperation with our clients!

It is exciting to follow the dynamics of the processes and the multi-layered developments over decades and generations, both in the companies and with regard to the parties involved - clients, interested parties and consultants.

Each period has its own characteristics and challenges - due to the constantly changing framework conditions and also in line with the spirit of the times - on the part of the company and on the part of those willing to change and the consultants. However, at any time and all together - company, candidate and consultant - are dominated by the nature of the recruitment process: change!

HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet

We are your partner for placement solutions

»Every coherent position can be filled optimally: Our contribution covers and touches all aspects for the benefit of our clients!«

Dr. Ralph Häupl

HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet
HPB Häupl Personalberatung Signet